Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support international numbers?

We currently support numbers from the United States and Canada.

Why should I check my CallerID?

We've all received calls from restricted and blocked numbers. Like most people, you probably ignore these calls. Ensuring your CallerID is accurate will reduce the chances that your phone calls are ignored. If you're a business that makes sales calls, having inaccurate CallerID is costing you lost sales.

How does get my Caller ID info?

We've connected with the same CallerID databases that major phone companies use. This allows us to instantly check your CallerID without making any phone calls.

Are you going to sell my phone number to another company? Will I get spam from this?

Absolutely not. We respect our users and will NEVER share your phone number with anyone.

Have another question?

Please email us and we'll make sure you receive an answer within 24 hours.